DJ Keiko Shimamura at Indigo Saturday Nights

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DJ Keiko Shimamura at Indigo Saturday Nights

Photo: DJ Keigo is here tonight and he loves our $3 Colossal Teas!</p>
<p>Meet us on the dance floor for the BIGGEST Saturday night party in Happy Valley!

If people knew what an insanely talented freak genius of original composition and lyrics they had spinning disk for them, they would probably… Well, it might go right over their heads.

But I know. And you can know too. Wait until the last half hour of the night, and listen. He slips in the real stuff, signature, and tells a story way beyond a college town on a breeding saturday night. It’s a take of megalopolis, nights in a cray future, the city that goes on forever, dangerous, richer than a russian oligarch, more beautiful than a kpop dancer, uglier than the teeth of a betel chewer, and sweeter than the voice of a hashishan imam calling evening prayers.


The bass goes infrasonic, and every resonant surface thrums to it. The fractured tempo shifts of breeding music get separated by the rhythmic pounding and brassy ringing of a work hustling to make a few yen and yuan and rupees. It is FREEKIN BEAUTIFUL. It’s the future, calling.

Oh, and it’s a good sound system, big square room, good equipment. A DJ  from the future mixing on good gear in what is arguably the best club acoustically in the area, what’s not to fuckkin like?

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