Conscious Carnival – demonstration of skills, and daring performance, to invite the intention of consciousness.

Posted by on Aug 29, 2014 in Marvels, Performance Art

The hoopers have become an icon of our moment in  time, just as, a few years back, and still today of course, firedancers were/are an emblem, an icon, of the festival experience and the outdoor festival mystery. As with many such icons, a serious and important part of the hooper demonstration is something one might call erotic self-mastery. “Yes, I know the stage I am in, and that you are compelled to desire this body, my vehicle. BUT – can you do THIS? Is your body intelligence where mine is? Rise to my level, and feel the peace of it, the balance at the centre.” As conditioned americans and moderns, we are not supposed to talk frankly about such things, we are trained to not be straightforward, not to speak sincerely. And at the same time, we are trained to be easily manipulated by the icons of eros, the images of the body, especially the bodies of young women. That same manipulation, however, could just as powerfully be used to send the message ‘Wake up, it’s time, and it;s going to be a good day.”, as to send the message “Buy OUR brand, and pay no attention to the fact that we are killing the planet, forget it instantly, because [young woman’s body seductively posed holding or touching said brand product.]” But, it is such a powerful and pain-charged technique – that one would have to train intensively to do it well in stressful contexts. Here’s a local example of hooper work. And oh yeah, The Perkulators, doing a tasty reggae fusion tune; which is, surprise surprise, a song also about erotic and emotional exploitation and complexity. This is our world, these are our minds and our problems. And consciousness makes some of these things much easier, and makes some of them harder, BUT makes all of our ero and emotional and physical problems and experiences deeper, richer, more fun, better....

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